Predictive Dialing

Get your people focused on telephone calls that produce results.

  • Increase productivity - No manual dialing or waiting for a connection.
  • Be more effective - Easycallnow eliminates unconnected calls for you.
  • Measure the results - Use detailed reports to drive improvements.
  • Maximise customer talk time - Easycallnow automates telephone processes.
  • Pay as you go - No connection fees, hidden costs or commitment.

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Say goodbye to manual dialing

Our predictive dialer automates the time-consuming process of dialing numbers and waiting for an answer. It enables your team to spend as much time as possible on productive calls – which means your whole business will benefit.

Predictive dialler take call

The intelligent way to make outbound calls

Our predictive dialer makes calls at a carefully-determined rate, keeping your team productive and motivated without overwhelming them.

The Easycallnow predictive dialing system works from data you supply, making each new call at the optimum moment.

Predictive dialing import

Maximise talk time, minimise wait time

Easycallnow helps your company’s staff use their time in the most productive possible way. They’ll spend more of it talking to customers.

And it works for every type of call. No matter whether you’re making sales calls, calling customers back, confirming bookings or performing an entirely different task, predictive dialing ensures you’re making the most of your resources.

“Easycallnow has allowed us to substantially increase our dialing efficiency whilst keeping our costs low.”

Adam, Contact Telecoms

Keep your promises to customers

Predictive dialing helps you contact centre provide better service by letting you handle calls the way customers want. With scheduled callbacks you’ll never forget to contact a customer when you promised to, because the system remembers to dial them at exactly the right time.

Easycallnow is commitment free

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Predictive dialing is one feature of Easycallnow, our cloud contact centre. You get access to all the features as standard, and you only pay by the second for the time you spend using the service.

In addition to predictive dialing, Easycallnow offers: