See who you are calling and know exactly what they need

Use key customer information to deliver incredible service, every time you make a call.

  • Deepen customer relationships - Build on previous conversations.
  • Provide tailored service - Every client is different.
  • Be prepared - Get ready to deal with the call in advance.
  • Get to the point - Impress customers with knowledge of their requirements.
  • Pay as you go - No connection fees, hidden costs or commitment.

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Focus on the message, not the tools

Your customers don’t care what tools you use to call them. It’s the conversation you have once they answer that really counts. One-to-one dialing releases you from having to look up and dial numbers manually, giving you more time to devote to communicating effectively.

But one-to-one dialing also gives your staff the information they need to deliver a first class service. They see specific information about the person they’re speaking to, while they’re on the call. You can also create a customised call script to help them handle calls effectively.

Progressive dialler data import

It’s about customer relationships

The key to providing first class service is to have all the information you need at your fingertips. If you can see a complete customer’s history, notes of their last call and you know what products they’ve expressed an interest in, you’ll find it much easier to give them what they need.

One-to-one dialing shows your staff this kind of information before they speak to someone on the phone. Knowledge and intimacy are incredibly powerful tools to delight potential and existing customers – because they’ll feel like you really know them. And that’s because you will.

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Easycallnow is commitment free

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One-to-one dialing is one feature of Easycallnow, our cloud contact centre. You get access to all the features as standard, and you only pay by the second for the time you spend using the service.

In addition to One-to-one dialing, Easycallnow offers: