Automatic Call Recording
For Every Call

Easycallnow records all calls as standard, helping you with compliance, training and dispute management.

  • Improve procedures - Use recordings to make staff more effective.
  • Easy playback - Find and listen to individual calls in seconds.
  • One month’s storage included - Recordings are instantly downloadable.
  • PCI compliant - Pause recording to take payment details.
  • Pay as you go - No connection fees, hidden costs or commitment.

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A call recording solution you can depend on

Record every telephone call your business makes and receives, with 100% reliability. Easycallnow records all calls as standard – and gives your contact centre powerful tools to search and retrieve the call recordings you need.

Call recording protects your business and helps you stay compliant. Immediate access to a recording of every call is available through our simple web interface, allowing you to quickly check what was actually said.

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Safe, secure, selective call recording

Although we record 100% of calls by default, it’s easy to customise recording settings to suit you. Your staff can pause recording when they need to take payment details from customers, helping your business stay PCI compliant.

There’s no extra charge to find, listen to or download the calls you record – and no restrictions on how often you retrieve recorded calls.

All call recordings are stored digitally. To guarantee you can retrieve the recording you need, we save several copies, backed up across multiple locations and disk drives. We keep recordings for one month, but can also provide longer-term storage if required.

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Easycallnow is commitment free

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Call recording is one feature of Easycallnow, our cloud contact centre. You get access to all the features as standard, and you only pay by the second for the time you spend using the service.

In addition to call recording, Easycallnow offers: