Listen in to calls as they happen

Real-time call monitoring is the easy way to perform
quality control on your calls.

  • Monitor the entire conversation - Hear everything as it is said.
  • Access from anywhere - To listen-in live, just log in to Easycallnow.
  • Perform quality control - See how your staff are handling calls.
  • Tools for training - Improve customer service.
  • Pay as you go - No connection fees, hidden costs or commitment.

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Listen in live

With Easycallnow, call monitoring is simple: log in online, plug in your headset and choose which calls you want to monitor. You’ll hear exactly what your customers are saying, as they say it.

Live call monitoring helps you make sure your staff are performing their roles properly. It gives you a real feel for how calls are going because you experience each call as it happens.

Call monitoring status

Access call monitoring anywhere

Easycallnow lets you monitor calls from any internet connection. You don’t need to be in the same place as your staff and you can listen to the calls you’re most interested in.

Focus on calls made by particular people, to particular customers or to particular numbers. Or just choose at random.

Easycallnow is commitment free

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Call monitoring is one feature of Easycallnow, our cloud contact centre. You get access to all the features as standard, and you only pay by the second for the time you spend using the service.

In addition to call monitoring, Easycallnow offers: